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Blockchain with
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At Statisticz AI, we are leading the way in merging advanced Artificial Intelligence with blockchain technology. Statisticz AI’ innovative, analytics-driven Layer 1 blockchain solution offers exceptional insights, enhanced security, and a personalised user experience.

who are we

Statisticz AI is set to lead the future of blockchain innovation, merging AI and blockchain to create powerful, secure, and personalised Web3 solutions. Our expert team is dedicated to continuous innovation and excellence, ensuring you receive the best experience possible.

We believe in the transformative potential of combining AI with blockchain technology. Our mission is to build an ecosystem that not only addresses the current challenges of the blockchain industry but also anticipates future needs, providing solutions that are both scalable and sustainable.

Our Solutions

At Statisticz AI, we specialize in developing AI-driven solutions that enhance the functionality and user experience of blockchain technology.

AI-Driven Smart

Automate contract execution with precision. Our AI-driven smart contracts ensure accuracy and reduce the risk of errors, streamlining your transactions seamlessly.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Leverage AI-driven tools to analyze market trends, predict price movements, and optimize asset management.

Personalized User Experience

Utilize AI to gain personalized financial insights, spending analytics, and predictive analysis. Statisticz AI offers a unique, personalized experience for each user


Protect your assets with advanced security. Our AI-based security features detect and mitigate threats in real-time, keeping your data and transactions safe.

Comprehensive Developer Tools

Utilize APIs, SDKs, and extensive documentation to build and integrate applications seamlessly.

Key Features


Efficient and



Our Solutions

At Statisticz AI, we specialize in developing AI-driven solutions that enhance the functionality and user experience of blockchain technology.

Crypto Exchange Price Aggregator

Stay ahead of the market with real-time, accurate pricing information from multiple exchanges. Our price aggregator enhances your trading strategies and market insights.

AI Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Trade smarter with our seamless, AI-powered decentralized exchange available on mobile, web, and wallet. Experience a seamless and intelligent trading platform designed for optimal performance.

$SAI - Powering the Statisticz AI Ecosystem

SAI is the native coin of the Statisticz AI Layer 1 Blockchain, enabling seamless transactions and access to premium features. With SAI, users benefit from fast, cost-effective transactions, AIdriven smart contracts, personalized financial insights, and enhanced security. It supports node operations, incentivizes participation, and ensures the stability of our ecosystem.

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Q4 2023
Planning and Development

• Define scope and conduct market research.
• Design blockchain with DAG and ECC.
• Develop core functionalities and APIs.
• Initial testing for scalability and security.

Q1 2024
AI Integration

• Integrate crypto price aggregator and AI smart contracts.
• Develop dashboards and AI-based recommendations.
• Create web and mobile apps.
• Gather user feedback.

Q2 2024
Analytics and AI DEX

• Develop AI-driven analytics tools.
• Launch features to early adopters.
• Design and test AI-powered decentralized exchange.

Q3 2024
Testing and Launch

• Comprehensive testing and security audits.
• Finalize platform and launch to public.
• Deploy network and monitor performance.
• Launch marketing campaigns.

Q4 2024 and Beyond

• Improve AI models and features.
• Explore partnerships and expand ecosystem.
• Foster a vibrant community.

Statisticz AI combines the power of AI and blockchain to deliver an innovative, user-centric platform designed to meet your needs. Whether you're an individual user, a developer, or a financial institution, our solution offers the tools and insights to thrive in the digital economy.